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Do you really want to swim faster?

Do you really want to swim faster..., or look good?!

As we head into the last of our three part series, don't dismiss this heading. I'm constantly amazed at how many athletes and coaches confuse the first two statements. By now you are well aware that we are about function over form. Looking good doesn't mean you will swim faster. If you didn't train to swim competitively as a youngster, or you are not in the 2 - 5 athletes out of 100 that are naturally gifted in the water, then I can assure you, what is deemed the correct swim technique, will reduce the possibility of you reaching your full potential in the water. We talk of movement rather than technique. We use teaching aids to overcome and compensate for the lack of motor skills that starting late usually causes. Rather than write a new blog saying the same things I've written before, three swim blogs from our archives to read are below. Please don't say 'I've read them so I know'. Every season I read my own training manual, and read my notes I have kept down through the years. This helps me prepare for the up coming task ahead of making people better. You too can benefit from reading blogs time and again. To reinforce the principles that will help improve you, and inoculate you from the well intentioned advice of those who think they know...

1. Using the pull buoy and why 'Pull-buoys will enhance every age-group athlete's capacity to swim'

2. Intervals used and why 'You too can benefit by understanding the better the mechanics over time and distance, the better you will swim on race day' 3. And we finish with some myth busting What is preached to be swimming fundamentals, but in fact are not at all

The above blogs are about making your swimming faster while being compatible with improving not just swimming but also cycling and running, and thus your overall triathlon times. Add this to your other two blogs and you will be well on the the way to making your triathlon experience less complicated and more enjoyable.

I thank you for your time in reading the series and I am confident you will be thanking me for steering you through the minefield of useless information that is disseminated as triathlon gospel.

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