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Do you want to be faster?

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

With the the new year celebrations over, most triathletes start to focus on the planning of races, setting out their training, and looking for the best apparatus to help them achieve their best race season. In the spirit of such enthusiasm I have written blogs to help our Trisutto family avoid the many pitfalls placed in front of them by zealous manufacturers and businesses, who aim to squeeze every last Dollar, Ruble, Peso, Rand, Euro and Loonie out of your pockets. I used the Canadian Dollar last because it explains the lunacy that surrounds the triathlon gadget market. Friends have just returned from a triathlon business forum, and are all excited by how many marketing strategies that can be discussed as motivation to get the gullible racer to part with his or her last dollar in the quest of 'free speed'.

I place our blogs online for free, in the quest to show our athletes how to acquire free speed for zero dollars. Just the application of some common sense that we have used over the last 28 years. To the amazement of many (and horrific thought to some) I'm still using most of the same philosophy we had when I started all those years ago. However our athletes just keep on winning. Our athletes keep on going faster than ever before. All without the new pseudo science that has become a 'must have' for every age grouper.

After a recent blog about marathon times and falling performance due to pseudo science in sports (all sports not just triathlon), some readers wanted me to go further and point out the myths about what is needed to go faster with less information. We also had a number of readers, most who have invested years of education in falsehoods (that is by no means entirely their own fault by being conned into that) pushing back on the debunking of the premise that science has hindered not helped performance.

As most teaching jobs require a degree, there is perhaps a logical presumption that if you venture into education on the sports field, one must have a certification. That one must listen and agree to the syllabus one has been given to study in order to pass said certifications. It is now the same with coaching. I'm quite sure even with our results at Trisutto that make the majority of the accredited coaches blush, if I were to sit for the exam and state what we actually do on a daily basis, I would not pass! They are so far down the wrong track, it only helps us, because their beliefs are set in stone.

So to pass on one last item of information to these dogma types of individual, in relation to the aforementioned blog about pseudo science killing the average guys performances. Yes, 2018 in London was hotter, so below is the results for the 4 years prior. So instead of being educated, you can go on the witch hunt debunking crusade, as I have moved on trying to help everyone!

However, for the age group athletes that aren't relying on teaching and coaching certificates, you guys are my target. I can provide an early season Christmas present to all that want to go faster on limited time and on limited budget. Over the next three weeks I will write a series of blogs about what we don't do in each of the three sports to make our groups faster.

It won't be out of a text book. It won't be to 'copy the best athletes in the world' at each of the three disciplines that make up triathlon. However to read them, you must understand the one principle that makes us as a coaching group great!

Repeat after me - 'The greatest athletes on earth have little in common with me! I need to work with what I have. Not what I dream I have!'

If you can do that, we have already taken the first step on making you a better athlete this season. l look forward to helping those who want to take the journey.

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