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Dynamic duo strike again!

Trisutto Julie Derron Alanis Siffert Panagiotis Bitados Challenge Walchsee

Julie Derron and Alanis Siffert travelled last weekend to Challenge Kaiserwinkel-Walchsee, backing up from their successful 1 and 2 at 70.3 Rapperswill three weeks prior.

Julie showed once again her great form going into the 2024 Olympics with a much stronger bike performance this week, while continuing her blistering run form. She will now concentrate on the last piece of her Olympic preparation, and return to two shorter races before the Paris Olympics. Great effort Julie in very difficult conditions.

Alanis (aka 'The duck') also displayed great consistency to prove her suprise (to many) second place finish at Rapperswill was no fluke, by reproducing that great effort, topped off by an even faster run split. The duck, while having an eye on the LA Olympics in 2028, will continue her journey by next tackling one of the iconic races on the world calendar, Alpe d'Huez Triathlon. This has long been the breeding ground for Trisutto athletes developing into world class athletes. So look out for her in the future.

Before we leave, not to be outdone, Panagiotis Bitados from Greece, put his sadness of breaking his elbow in the lead up to his Olympic qualifying race behind him, to produce a storming finish to take the title in the men's race. His story to come back from an elbow operation, and be back and competing at the top level is astonishing in itself, but to regather himself and continue to march forward is something special.

Well done to all the guys.

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