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Exceptional performance craves repetition

Updated: Mar 6

Trisutto Brett Sutton triathlon training repetition

Having coached for many, many years there is one observation that intrigues me no end. The biggest hurdle I have to deal with for new athletes, both pro and age group, is their despair of doing a similar training program for more than one week! It is astounding that they almost demand that I change what I believe to be our programs greatest strength.

Now I know it’s the greatest differential to many other programs. We replicate, we repeat, we love the word repetition, actually I'm obsessed with repetition. Exceptional performance craves it. Yet it’s the aspect I must continually combat, explain, cajole and educate on:

  • Repetition of weekly cycles.

  • Repetition of monthly cycles.

  • Repetition of 3 monthly cycles.

  • Repetition of yearly cycles.

  • And last but not least repetition of workouts.

We have had athletes visit our workouts that were old squad family and they pass on in some form of astonishment to the new family - 'we did this same workout 20 years ago'. To which I add 'if it ain't broke, we don’t fix it!'

Look at the scoreboard, we are producing the most amazing results year after year, and we do it not with one athlete but with nearly everyone that joins our group and buys into the mantra that repetition is good, our body adapts, our body adjusts and goes to a new level.

What astonishes me is that both age-group and pro athletes are debating that next week is nearly the same as last week. The next line is: 'You don’t understand Sutto, I’m used to doing so much more than this'. Even the slowest age groupers, 'coach, I can do more'

And therein lies the story which is some times more than I can take: The same people improve massively, and I mean hours not minutes. Slow age groupers become good age-groupers Good age groupers become podium pros. Podium pros become champions.

And they all keep saying the same thing, 'coach we can do much more. If we just trained more like the others do?' They don’t understand the reason they have improved, is because I stopped them killing their performance. With more is better when it’s quite clearly not!

The conclusion, repetition, a whole lot of repetition will trump junk miles done all over the place. Believe me. Hard work gets you places. Smart hard work gets you to better places! Repetition is the key to turn you on to hyper performance.

Just the way I see it, Just the way we do it

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