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Updated: May 8

Trisutto Brett Sutton Julie Derron triathlon China training
Yuxi, 2024

It gives me great pride to write a little note about the World Cup held last Monday in Chengdu, China. Julie Derron, better known as 'Little Pistol' when in camp, showed she is right on track in her Olympic preparation for Paris.

After having her best ever swim, Julie was shocked to be in the first pack and not have to be the Swiss train that pulls everybody in the chase group. Then after a blistering transition, she unleashed her best run to date to surprise many, even herself.

Julie has had prior World Cup wins, however we stole them with stealth and courses that allowed her bike strength to come to the fore. This time there was no waiting and strategic attack. When opportunity knocked this was an unveiling of the new and improved run that has been in the works now for three years. Trisutto supporters that attended my camps have seen Julie battling along behind the great Nicola Spirig, copying her work; if not her speed. The consistency was such that one of our mentor coaches dubbed the sight as the master and the apprentice. I remember saying to him, keep watching and learn the journey of making a champion, 'this girl will one day be the master.''

Three years later, Julie is still doing the same sessions week in week out, like a Swiss clock. We have changed nothing as Nicola retired, just consistent work repeated over and over. However, Julie packed up and left Switzerland to join me in China for 4 months, "this is my chance to go to the Olympics coach". We must add in here a big big thank you to the Chinese  Federation and Olympic committee for looking after Julie, for the whole time.

Something began to happen in Yunnan province. As the training continued we were seeing glimpses of Julie hitting the times of the master. Each week the improvements that she worked so hard for started to come. The anticipation of 'can I do it in a race' is always harrowing when you start doing new best times in all three at training.

It was fitting that it all came together in Chengdu, China. While it wasn't a Chinese athlete winning, it was a huge lift for her new team mates. An athlete they have now trained with for 14 months has showed them it can be done!

Congratulations Julie from every Trisutto follower. There is no more deserving athlete for your triumph.  

The Boss

Trisutto Nicola Spirig Julie Derron Brett Sutton Triathlon
St.Moritz, 2016

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