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Technically superior

At this time of year leading into the Ironman World Championships, I'm asked to write a blog for our personal athletes in Kona, as encouragement to keep control of the madness that accompanies this particular race week.

This year I want to refer readers to a blog that has helped many to change their minds on what is correct technique for ultra long distance running. At Trisutto, we try to encourage techniques that actually suit long distance triathlon, not what is best for the individual sports of swimming, cycling and running. Instead we encourage techniques that are better for a superior race finish time, when one puts all three activities together in a Triathlon.

This can be tough for our athletes, as it is for the rest of the triathlon world, who get hung up on attempting to copy:

1/ the perfect technique for the individual sports, and 2/ the technique of those sports superstars, who are genetically superior to everyone in their individual sport.

What this has to do with long distance triathlon is beyond me!

Even more that triathletes who train at techniques that

(a) work for the distance,

(b) for the mix of the three sports, and

(c) what suits them individually,

are somewhat ridiculed.

Since Trisutto started age group long distance Triathlon coaching, the improvement by most of the athletes using such techniques is not measured by seconds, or minutes, but by hours. So rather than write a specific article leading into this years Ironman World Championships race, I thought better to re-publish our blog on Cliffy Young. At over 60 years of age, Cliffy ran marathons faster than any man has run a marathon in Kona.

This is great testimony for the saying 'ignorance is bliss'. All of our athletes from Trisutto will hopefully not be listening to the many 'experts', and their failed dogmas. Instead taking comfort that the 'Cliffy Shuffle' when the going gets tough, will carry them past many on the race course at Kona.

Here is the story of Cliff Young and the 'Cliffy Shuffle'.

Best Mechanical Luck to everyone in Kona.


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