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The long road to Tokyo

On behalf of all our Trisutto family I would like to pass on congratulations to our athletes, Nicola, Andrea and Max, who were selected on to the Swiss Olympic team to represent their country in the Tokyo Olympics.

There is always a back story behind 'overnight' success! The long range planning, the work, the training, the travel, the discipline and sacrifice that takes place well away from the limelight of race day. While the above photo is a great example, when I first posted it to social media I did receive some backlash. The great Nicola Spirig took offense to it only 10 seconds after I posted it with the accompanying phrase 'our Olympic hopefuls'.

At the time Nicola had yet to announce she would seek a 5th Olympic campaign (yes 5th). She was having doubts after the birth of her third child - 'Please take it down, as I know you are attempting to influence me'. Like many things she was right. However, I was right too as I knew she could do it. I left it up!

However the picture tells other stories too, and they need to be told.

I believed that this athletic family could form the basis of the Swiss team. Nicola and her husband Reto had a huge influence on helping these athletes make their dreams come true. Each found their way into my squad at different times, through the influence of Nicola or Reto.

While kudos goes to the three athletes selected, let's not forget Julie Derron was named reserve for the women's team. Had Nicola retired, or Swiss gained 3 places, Julie was ready, having earned her own Olympic ranking points to be at the Olympics.

What lessons come from that picture? The lesson of 'pick and stick'. Nicola has been here for 16 years. Candy on and off for 12, Julie for 5, and Max is starting his 4th year.

Max can teach us another lesson - except for one sickness, he has the distinction of not missing more than 3 workouts in that whole time.

There is no flash in the pan luck to being selected. For those that visited any of our camps, you saw these four pounding out workout after workout fully committed to this dream (for them); their goal (for me). They were relentless, day in and day out for a minimum of four years. Julie and Max were not focused on Tokyo but Paris 2024. However the example, and the lessons they learned from The Champ accelerated them to an even faster trajectory than I anticipated. It was not luck.

I'll place a note from a coach that saw it happen before his own eyes -

Congrats Brett to you and the Tokyo team! I remember, 2 years ago, you telling “forcefully” the boys on the track… “I don’t know who but one of YOU will go to Olympics!” … good it’s both of them! 😁

Yes, this was no short term plan. Rather a celebration for them and Trisutto, that the only place 'Success' comes before 'Work' is in the dictionary.

That is how it should be. Step one is now completed - selection was yesterday. However, it was always only the first part of our goal! We wish our team every success as we push on to the next goal, which was also set a long time ago, or so it seems...

A Swiss triathlete on the Olympic podium.

Again, I don't know who it will be. However, I know we can do it, if you also believe it to be so. We have built the weapons - now it is up to you.

Best mechanical luck. Not from Sutto, but from all of the Trisutto family and supporters.

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