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The Truth according to Sutto

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Trisutto triathlon training coaching

An exciting development and new initiative started after the Tokyo Olympics. Trisutto and The Vikings Foundation have joined forces with a mission to deliver a pathway for athletes to pursue their dreams in triathlon. Selected are a group of young athletes (and a couple of older ones!) representing a broad range of countries; some haven’t even done a triathlon yet! But all have stars in their eyes and professional aspirations. All will be coached by Brett and who better to mentor them than long time trisutto champion athletes Nicola and Rei. Our new team are about to be taught the real lessons on how to develop to become a professional athlete. No bells and whistles.., rather a common sense approach trodden by the champions before them.

Having worked as Brett's assisant coach for the past 8 years, I often get asked what is Sutto really like? How does he keep churning out the results for over 30 years?

Not always an easy question to answer and one that has me reviewing all the components that make up the secret sauce.

What’s the secret sauce? When I started working with Brett I was intrigued at the level of individuality which made up each athletes program. I even wrote an article about in 2015! (It’s not just the workouts!) Whilst the workouts and structure make up the meat and potatoes of the program, there are also more subtle ingredients mixed into the champion recipe.

A channel of constant communication is a critical ingredient. Every single day…, multiple times a day. Listening, observing, reading between the lines, timely advice and assurance. Enabling coaching in the now regardless of if present in person, or online.

On the eve of the first Trisutto / Vikings camp together, a message has been sent to all athletes from the Coach. This note encapsulates what is more difficult to explain to those who ask me how Coach Sutto does it. The secret sauce. These are the first steps in developing the mindset, the champion mindset, which is by no means a normal way of thinking.

This particular note was sent with the goal to get the athletes thinking about their future. With permission from the Coach, reposted below.

To our new Trisutto/Vikings Foundation athletes, congratulations on being selected and I wish you all the best. At the begining of this journey be it in camp, or at home, I can only reiterate what has been sent to you already:

Reading is not comprehending Hearing is not listening Watching is not seeing

Learn to do the above 3 well and you will be well on your way.

Thank you to The Vikings Foundation for the support of this initiative for young athletes, to help deliver a pathway to their dreams in triathlon.

Thank you to all our readers for your ongoing interest and support.


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