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Tips for starting in triathlon

In response from a recent request from Labosport Polska, Trisutto Head Coach Brett Sutton gives his advice for those new to our great sport and looking to start in their first Triathlon!

1) For whom is triathlon? Do you need special predispositions to train triathlon? I believe triathlon is for every one. Over the next 5 years the sport will broaden its base enormously.

2) What's important before you start your triathlon training? If it’s been some time since one has exercised, or the first time, one should have a medical, to make sure the body is ready to start training.

3) How do you have to plan your training to make sure you are well prepared for all of triathlon competitions? At Trisutto we believe that training for all distances starts with the same backbone. This is consistency. This is the key for all distances. Unlike exams, cramming for endurance sports is not a proven strategy.

4) Do Triathletes need a special diet? I am one of the few that believe we don’t need to change diets greatly. We need extra calories as we lift the training load.

5) How important is regeneration during triathlon training? Resting or regeneration is so important we view it as a big part of improvement. Without proper attention to rest, performance at all levels is hindered.

6) Do you have some gold thoughts/tips or hints for those who want to try their hand in triathlon? If you are considering starting in triathlon, don’t be frightened by the technology or the belief that all the expensive equipment will help you improve faster. The keys to quick improvement are proper supervised training, done with consistency. The old saying of “no pain, no gain” is so misleading. Enjoy your new sport by training consistently and at a level you find enjoyable. Then it will be an amazing experience, and enhance your life.

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