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When are we going to start?

All Trisutto athletes. Read and re-read!

That’s an order!

In December I published a blog on how putting together a new squad for 2018 had me bewildered as to why age group and pro athletes alike were so paranoid about how little work we were doing in November and December in preparation for the new season. This is after most come to me looking for the magic we obviously have in improving athletes.

Then once inside the Trisutto home, were aghast that we don’t blast away, training ourselves to death, as is promoted by under performing coaching groups. Instead our attention firmly on working to improve weaknesses, and working on shorter faster work was destabilizing the new athletes, but far more important was the effect it was having on myself.

So I wrote the blog addressing this – and obviously not many read it, as come the start of April, more than ever, athletes are questioning ‘When are we going to start?’

  • Start what?

  • Overtraining?

  • Going mad on early season fever of ‘I have to get to races of no substance because race season has begun’?

All while 80% of my athletes are looking to their main races being in August, September and October! Let me point out where we are as a group right now:

  • All and I mean all, at this time are uninjured.

  • All are coping with their prescribed work loads.

  • All are in perfect position to go into the 12 weeks of preparation work that will lead us into having a great August, September and October.

Like the Trisutto team does nearly every year – and I only put ‘nearly’ in for the coaches who have everything but results from writing in, while they have never ever won one world title, and prove why they never will.

I suggest that this time you read the blog again and this time you take heed. Or you will be left to your own devices or worse to the social media circus, which will indeed have some of you joining the ever growing list of the wounded, injured and out of form athletes that have joined this elite club before the season has even started.

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