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Who do I believe?

With our generational change to social media, many business minded sports enthusiasts have developed a highly lucrative market in delivering 'exercise expertise'. The opportunity presented itself, and with jobs in decline at the same time that physical education degrees exploded, what are they going to do? That's why I don't call this new breed of experts 'opportunists'. Providing a very, very low level of performance advice in a pimped up way, can and is, viewed by people with no experience, as sage like advice for them. Anything that helps the everyday person feel better about themselves in these difficult times, is fine by me. The blind leading the blind is nearly a culture in itself socially today. 99% of these new celebrity 'coaches' or health delivery exponents could not even personally themselves consider training people in the top 10% of performance elements. The facts are, their business strategy is to keep as far away as possible from this specific market, which would only expose their real coaching abilities - or lack of them. Far being it up to me to point out the ridiculousness of paying good money by the general public to the health expert 'grifters', who have only a slightly higher expertise than the people they now lead in cult like purpose. The lack of practical experience in delivery of such expertise fits perfectly with the social media phenomenon. A match made in heaven, or bank accounts. Trisutto is an information network delivering practical expertise from not only the fitness industry beginner, but to the absolute champions of the world as our knowledge bank. Hence I do feel the need to speak out to our specific group of followers, when they start asking me questions about

- some new celebrity instructor who is wowing the internet 'this month'. - some new training system that is the flavour 'this month'. - some new diet system that is sweeping the net 'this month' - a new exciting internet platform that 'coach you need to see this. I think it can help you' - yes another 'this month' fad.

It's time for this coach to explain that you have bypassed all this internet noise, by connecting to, watching and listening to actual real performance advice delivered off the back of the 'real deal' champions of sport. Every day, down to every workout / session, is prepared for you, off the back of the training of these champions. Does it make any sense for you to regress back into the malaise of inferior information about what you specifically care about? I think not! The charge I deal with most is I quote - 'Sutto, these new improved systems are so much more detailed than the simplistic protocols that you espouse. It's now so much more forensic in its data, so much more scientific in its application. Don't you feel the need to follow 'the lead' in this new explosion of information out there?' The answer is easy. NO ! Let me repeat so there can be no mis-interpretation. NO ! What I do feel the need to do, is say to those that have already moved passed this fake information dump. The crap online is completely inferior to what you are being exposed to with the Trisutto organisation. A podcast I did recently brought up that one of the 'new' methods expounded, you were taking heat for 30 years ago. And one of the training methods that is the 'new' wave workouts now all the 'rage', you were giving us back in that same time frame. How do you feel about that? Must be frustrating? The answer is again. NO ! I'm pleased that people are getting the proper information. I am not a head in the sand guy, you don't become the best by ignorance, so I did what most good coaches do - take a look and see what all the noise is about. So I asked some of the questioners to send me a workout or two that was 'just the best session you've ever done with these new performers, on the new you beaut platforms'. I'll admit these workout platforms have created a great atmosphere, beamed into your training room. However, the work content has simply no specificity at all to improvement of anything. Lots of noise, but zero effectiveness in actual training. I gave it five sessions and three different 'supa coaches' before my depression got the best of me. The structure in all looked to me as the main aim of the workouts was to deliver to a programme to stop even a 12 year old child becoming bored. Infact as all five sessions had that very same theme, I did think that was 100% the agenda. A bit of this, a bit of that, rah rah rah, see you again on Thursday feel. In itself, for the uneducated, this is not necessarily a bad thing. If you're trying to improve, well that is another matter. Sweat and old sport clichés don't deliver improvements, understanding performance does! Simply put, aerobics instructors who look good don't guarantee improvements. So over the next 3 blog series I will write 'simplistic', but very effective overviews, on the areas raised by my questioners.

  • Training systems

  • Diet (ooh that is the biggie these days!)

  • Proper training for proper athletes wanting to improve

I leave you with this thought: Abs. First there was proper training for them. Then it was 'The fads', the 15 minute abs, then the 10 minute abs down to now 6 minute abs. Which is now best of all? Why? Internet science 6 minute abs gets 6 million hits - haha!

Now that is performance at its truest internet indicator of success.

Feature Photo: Thank you @mundotrilive

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