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Who wants to be a millionaire?

For the pros, and the wanna be pros! As we dive into 2021, we see that the Challenge organisation is moving forwards with pro races, while WTC (Ironman) for what ever reason are postponing races in Europe, but with many scheduled for July and onwards this year, there should be a high amount of races with prize money. What I can tell you is the PTO Challenge organisation is set to develop a real dramatic improvement in the prize pool over the next three years. Add to this, their goal is to develop at least 3 races per year that will have a larger prize pool than Kona. I am not privy to the exact details but the hope is a minimum of $500,000 at each of these 3 races. This is a great step forward and I applaud that there is progress. However there is a big 'But' for struggling pros, that is the reason for this blog. The bulk of the new money will go to the top 5 athletes in these races.

That is not how I would do it, but that will be the reality unfolding over this 3 year period. Thus most pros need a plan to get their hands on some of that. During the lockdown I suspended my pro squad, but kept working with the federation funded athletes and the Swiss. Without races, we didn't want to place another financial burden on athletes who live a meager existence to follow their dream. However, with the money races ramping up and having received some inquiries about the future of our pro squad restarting, I want to make clear to pros that I will be putting together a new long distance pro squad as of this blog being published. I personally will be fronting as head coach for the next 3 years. Which is the time frame that we have used previously to maximise athletes race performance. I'm not here to sell our superior ability to develop professional athletes. For any sane athlete the results speak for themselves. However, I would suggest that one looks not only at our champions but digs a little deeper to the modest pros and the age groupers that joined, and fulfilled their dreams of making a full time living in the sport. Now the rules to allow you to do the same are simple:

1) You don't have to like me! Bank managers of broke pros love me. I don't need a lot of love from anyone else! 2) You follow our proven system 100%. Our results are enough proof that we are by far the best opportunity for you to maximise your performance. 3) You don't have to relocate to Switzerland to benefit from our coaching. This is a myth! Our long distance group when in camp, do a lot of individual training. We do swim in the same pool at the same time, but usually do individual programming. This is not ITU training that is more group orientated.

4) You can come to camps as much or as little as you want. We have a communication set up that works 24 / 7 / 365. And that is not an over statement. We communicate with our athletes as little as once per day, up to 6 times per day. The paranoid 10 and more times a day. However all are answered within an hour of their message.

5) We are serious people about improving performance. We only want serious people who are prepared to put performance enhancement as their top priority. No triathlon backpackers need apply. This is a business proposition. Not a triathlon hang out. Conclusion Triathlon is changing, but not changing at all. The money for the next 3 years will be there. However it will only go to those that hit top 5 at most races. If you can hit top 10 in the bigger ones, you may be able to feed yourself, and get to the next race. For the majority of pros nothing will change. If you are in that bracket, I make no promises, however I will say that you need to be in the best possible position to jump up that ladder, and get some of that cash.

Like me or hate me, I'm your best option to do that. If you think you're the next Chrissie Wellington, Mary-Beth Ellis, Caroline Steffen, Nicola Spirig, or Daniela Ryf, that hasn't been discovered yet, well, the yellow brick road should lead you right to the Trisutto family door! When Trisutto says, 'who wants to be a millionaire' it's not hot air. It's a true statement for more than a couple of athletes that walked through our door. For further inquiries contact


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