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A new beginning!

Triathlon Brett Sutton Trisutto Team China
Yifan Yang, Coach Brett, Coach Zhong and Lin Xinyu on route to WTS Yokohama.

Today marks a special day for the Chinese Triathlon Federation team. As we head to a World Triathlon Series race for the first time in four years. Having overcome covid lockdowns, and low world ratings, the female athletes on the team have been lifting themselves up the rankings through Asian cups. Rising from an Olympic ranking in the the 300s, Lin Xinyu is ranked a promising 68th. While Yifan Yang has burst onto the scene from nowhere to be ranked 93rd. Some may look and think this is not noteworthy, however I think it has been spectacular. This is the beginning of our journey to the Olympics, and they are not alone as we have 4 other female athletes watching in China. When they improve their ranking enough to enter these races will also be very competitive. The same can be said for 3 Chinese men who will be competitive at this level once we can get their world rankings down.

I’m pleased to say that China's last athletes to compete in the WTS are now the personal coaches of both girls. Pictured is Zhong Mengying and not with us this time Zhang Yi, but both will accompany me back to Trisutto headquarters in St Moritz this summer where I’ll continue to mentor the coaches in our coaching philosophy.

At this time our goals are modest by world standards. I view a top 30 placing to be our gold medal. However, for the future, we will follow trisutto goals. We want podiums, we get podiums. We want Olympic selection. It will be the same bar to jump for the Chinese athletes.

Today is the beginning of our journey to the Olympics. And I’m very proud to be part of it.

Just how I see it!

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