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Clarification on easy rides

To clarify some statements and philosophy behind the recent team letter on spinning: There are two types of easy rides.

1) An easy low heart rate ride. This is done in the biggest gear. 2) A ‘spin off’ ride. To be done easy.

This second type of easy ride may be asked for after a run session or after two good quality sessions. This is not a bike session. This is a recovery session. It’s a leg loosener or lactate dispersement from other training.

Make sure you are clear on what is wanted by coach.

When we want the second type we will try to use the words ‘spin off’. If we do this universally no one gets mixed up. On this ride using the small chain ring is fine and high cadence is also fine.

Now to finish off. A little ‘gem’ sent to me by the Angry Bird, who has just started back real training a couple of weeks ago as she gets ready for Dubai. I asked could I use it to help some in the group who were struggling with what real bike riding is. Here is an unedited copy of her training on this particular session. Please take note of her last statement:

Hi Turbo was good. Had some little brekky before, as 3h on empty stomach is a bit too long. 1h easy 137HR 1h mod 141HR 1h med 170HR Then 5′ easy Switched one gear harder every hour. Beginning with the easiest gear possible, but don’t worry, that gave me a cadence of 60 and not 100 ;), as this is not possible on this turbo. All of 3h was between 55-60 It was quite easy to bring HR up; as still not so fit. Looking forward to do some work, to get some of the fitness back.

I would think this session for most is absolute kick-ass. Not for her and that’s the point. When I asked her to print it, she said: ‘you can. But I’m out of shape most of them be training harder than this right now! Give me 2 weeks and ill be back at the real training.’

This should speak volumes to those genuinely wanting to know what it takes to be champions.


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