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Uncomplicating the straightforward

Trisutto Brett Sutton Uncomplicate Keep it simple

Being old has advantages of experience of a time where pseudoscience was non-existent. When eating was just that, not nutrition science. When people ‘just did it’, and it wasn't a shoe slogan. My continued success has been down to not being fooled by the marketing of extremely, and I pick this word purposefully, ‘inexact’ science when dealing with the vulnerability of human beings. Especially in long distance sports.

When something works, I don't waste my time on why. I don’t waste my time on futile thinking that can cause doubt.

We are not constructing a building, a bridge or a highway where mathematical engineering equations give you a direct and correct answer. When dealing with humans and their many contributing factors, such obedience to science leaves most individual decisions way off the mark. All of these sciences are bench marked off either the mythical perfect athlete or the most biological genetically superior athlete.

So many of our athletes that call themselves World Champions are not that genetically gifted. In fact some not even in the top 10. None would ever be called World Champion if they trained within the scientific method.

We encourage our athletes to learn how to ‘uncomplicate the straightforward’. Complexity, whether you believe it or not, does inhibit an athletes full potential.

Keep it simple Sutto

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