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Understand your life pie

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Understand your life pie - the allocation of time to areas of your life, including family, work and your hobby.

Our role as coaches is to ensure that each individual athletes own life pie balance is maintained, so that their hobby (triathlon) enhances their life. The Trisutto approach to triathlon training is to give athletes the best return on their time invested, regardless of if that is 8 hours a week or 20 hours a week.

You cannot add to one area without taking from another. Success in your hobby depends on stability within your whole life pie.

We try to educate that for us as non pros, triathlon should be first and foremost a lifestyle enhancer. Many turn it into a misery and it makes their life worse.  

We look at our job not as triathlon coach’s, but more of life coach’s that are advisors to help keep peoples life in balance. We use triathlon as the tool to deliver it. 

It’s our hope to explain that with people with a real life that have demanding jobs and/or families that their health first and foremost is part of a real life pie, where each has their undeniable piece. The priorities should be:

1. Family

2. Career

3. Physical hobby

It would be our council to realign our priorities. That we develop that balance.

Our job is to keep you on that path and provide an objective voice of reason to make it happen. We like to say we want our athletes to be still doing triathlon in 10 years time. Burning the candles at both ends only leads to our own demise. 

The benefits of our sport is huge when done with moderation. And within a fuller life, with so many positives not only for the individual but others around you. I personally think this realignment can be achieved while still improving ones performance.

You have witnessed how our coaching is very much hands on with constant fast communication and delivering individually crafted plans to your daily life circumstances. This extracts the best possible outcomes with training protocols that fit those circumstances.

We believe that one can achieve enjoying all the benefits of what triathlon offers and be a net positive to our sometimes complicated daily lives. That is our company's goal. To make peoples lives better without adding to the stress we already have in our lives. Instead to use triathlon to help defuse it. Not make it worse.

Cheers Sutto

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