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Age Group Coaching with Brett Sutton

Updated: May 26, 2022

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Recently I asked some of the age group athletes I coach to tell ‘their story’ of how they found triathlon, and the effect it has had on their life. I will be asking more to tell ‘their story’ over the next months, as I believe they have an important message of how triathlon has helped them.

While most joined with the goal of improving their triathlon, improvement in other areas of their life has been a bonus. For some this is balancing stressful careers, and for others it is maintaining a healthy family and social life. As a member of a community that values healthy lifestyle, all have enhanced their health. As a group from more than 12 countries, we enjoy the times we can gather together at training camps. However with today's electronic communication, connection and advice is 24/7. In age group sport it is my belief that being successful has nothing to do with being on the podium. Winning is something we can all achieve. I believe winning is being able to take our own personal circumstance, and working towards making it better than it was previously.

I don’t shy away from emphasising the key to improved performance is the need to train for your own goals, within your own boundaries. Not to be driven by group mentality. Triathlon can help everyone be a winner, with objectives unique to each person. Maintaining a healthy weight, alleviating stress, setting an example to your kids who see you persevering and empowering them to do likewise, or simply taking pride in the discipline required; are all great outcomes, in overcoming our own challenges and circumstances. My coaching is about building character. We aim to be the best that we can be, with what we have, and to enjoy the journey. Success is knowing what you are trying to achieve, and the reward is the journey towards that! Our uniqueness at Trisutto is that we teach people from learning to swim for their first triathlon, to winning Kona at every level, to the fastest triathlete of all time! However we have never used the words success and winning in the same sentence. Helping you to have balance is my job, delivering advice, and time efficient and effective training, that can be managed, so you can also have an enjoyable life. This is what the Trisutto athlete is about. If this is you, I have coaching places available for like minded age group athletes.

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