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Everyone has their own Everest: Triathlon by Trisutto

Congratulations Tomasz and Team Endure for your 5 year team milestone.

Tomasz was the first coach to enrol in the Trisutto Coaching Certification when it commenced in 2016. Thank you for this great blog outlining your journey with Trisutto. (Translated from original piece at


Our training is based on the Trisutto methodology. Its creator is the most successful triathlon coach Brett Sutton. These are unique training methods, but they are certainly very effective. The results over several decades cannot be a coincidence.


Trisutto can generally be described as a triathlon training methodology and philosophy. The creator is Brett Sutton, the most successful triathlon coach in history. His accomplishments with athletes include: 4 Olympic medals, 27 world titles, a total of 198 wins at Ironman and Ironman 70.3 events, and has nearly forty-five years of coaching experience. He started as a swimming coach, where he also had Olympic-level success. However, he switched from swimming to triathlon rather quickly and somewhat by accident. It started with coaching age groupers in place of a colleague. Interestingly enough, Trisutto's training methods haven't changed much over the decades. Coach Brett's athletes have been successful in top level competitions in the previous century. And it is still like that today, although new generations are doing it. Nowadays Trisutto trains pro and amateur athletes, coaches and organises camps.

With Coach Brett in St. Moritz


I started my adventure with triathlon as a competitor in 2009. After a few years of competing at different distances with more or less success, the role of a coach became more and more important and engaging for me. Priorities were changing. I first met Brett Sutton at a weekend training, the only one in Poland so far. The training idea was very appealing to me, although it was only a substitute. Thanks to this training, I decided that I could perfectly develop my coaching skills with Brett.

The huge experience, numerous successes, specific approach to sport and general distance to life were the most important arguments.

Some time later I joined a special Trisutto training for coaches. It is absolutely not a typical online course that can be completed in a week. It is a compendium of practical knowledge. The trainee is under the supervision of a mentor, at the end of which he or she has to pass a small exam. In addition to this, you have to attend two camps with Coach Brett to pass the course. This was a very valuable learning experience. It gave many important answers to some training doubts. The training also shapes in a coach the right approach to the sport or his role towards his charges. My development with Trisutto did not end there. I used the option of additional training in the form of direct cooperation with coach Brett.


Perhaps the most important feature of the Trisutto methodology is its originality. These are methods that have been used for several decades, that change very little, and are still effective. There is no following training trends, no copying others or doing what everyone else is doing. What matters is what is effective in your own way. For example, there is no need for fitness tests or FTP tests. An athlete does not train according to strictly numerically defined training zones. The most important parameters are signals from the body, own feelings. There are no typical regeneration weeks, instead there is a spiral system. The approach to the way of swimming will also be different from typical. Many more unique features could be mentioned.

In addition, Trisutto treats triathlon as a single discipline rather than a combination of swimming, cycling and running. This makes a difference in how you train in each and how one affects the other. What is still very important is the approach to athletic performance. Success is relative, it will be something different for everyone. It is not defined by results at the finish line or medals, but by personal references. "Everyone has their own Everest" and to its peak everyone should strive on their journey in triathlon. Through this, Trisutto's philosophy helps to set the athlete's mind right. And it is often needed. In order, among other things, not to be a slave to numbers, parameters, classification at competitions, own sabotage resulting from excessive thoughts or wrong perception of certain things. To focus on the process rather than the end result.


I have been using the Trisutto methodology for almost five years now. In my charges and in my own training. It is an effective way to develop an athlete. It leads to achieving greater physical power, but what is equally important mentally. It also sets the right approach, attitude to triathlon. Importantly, the risk of injury is low. Trisutto trains athletes well, but also coaches. There is no one right way in training methodology, but I think that I have chosen the right one.

-Tomasz Spaleniak

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