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Leading by example - post lockdown fatigue

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Talking to a diverse range of athletes across all ages, you pick up trends. These trends have deeper implications than we might first realise. I want to make a point to address one of the not so clear and indirect implications, especially as most countries attempt to resume post lockdown 'normality'.

I can totally understand on the face of it, the frustrations of the race situation.

Transferring from one race to another, trip cancellations, trying to reschedule holidays from work. I'm sure many can also identify with these scenarios. As I've said before, I can truly understand the difficulties, and I do agree with most of them.

I can point out your commitment to health through triathlon has made the journey of the last two years less rocky, and in most cases fortified you against major health issues. However I'd also like to point out very clearly to the athletes with children, something that I see as much more than a trend.

You are inadvertently being a great role model for your kids.

In these days of indoor games, mobile phones and slavish software apps, your exercise and participation in events is setting a true example that is extremely important to their future well being.

I use the word participate and not compete on purpose. I hope many who read this are not the glazed eyes 'win my age group' crew, rather people who have found a healthy hobby that gives them discipline in a training regime and an outlet to participate in races. Not going with the express purpose of beating anybody, rather to enjoy an experience, to test oneself against oneself, to be at presentations with your family. Smiling, enjoying, waiting for the lucky draw, and not pushing your way up to a podium. If that happens it's a bonus not an expectation.

I can't exaggerate what a profound positive effect you're having on your child's future outlook at what to include in their life.

What prompted me to write?

Not one of the younger people who I've come in contact with over the last few years have parents who did no exercise, not one. They do not have stars in their eyes, they are not all about 'I want to go to the Olympics'.., rather all are healthy clear minded young athletes that said to me, 'my mum, dad (or both) exercise'.

Maybe one or both parents were what I'd call good athletes, but nearly all had a regimen of controlled exercise.

Some I train now. When they have an easy workout, they might ask if they can jog with mum, ride with their brother on a mountain bike, or have an easy recovery swim with dad, as they will like that. It just hit me how these younger generations consider exercise to be a normal part of a good life.

My point is, should you carry post restriction fatigue, don't you dare throw away everything you built before it. I bet that you have had, and still do, a huge positive effect on your child's future, and future health without you even saying a word. Keep up that good work in some form. That's an order!

The way I see it


Photo Credit: The Vikings Foundation

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