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Return to racing

trisutto Svenja Thoes Brett Sutton Challenge Malta Ironman Triathlon
Svenja runs to victory at the inaugural Challenge Malta. (Photo: Challenge Family Media)

Last weekend saw the inaugural Challenge Malta. We are proud to say we used it for the return to racing of Svenja Thoes, who was racing as a Trisutto athlete after 9 months of refocussing her techniques to bring her back to her best. It was a very difficult time for Svenja but she stuck to it with the belief that these changes would make her competitive again.

Over the last 3 years there has been a complete change in performance of the women's field. A poor swimmer and average biker is now redundant. It was explained to Svenja that for her to see a podium again, she would have to change her whole way of looking at the sport. I'm proud she stuck to the new regime and her win made it all worthwhile.

Congratulations from all of us at Trisutto!

Meanwhile at Fréjus in France, Julie Derron made her season debut finishing an excellent 3rd in the French Grand Prix. Julie has found a good balance of training and University study, that will help her to complete her studies and continue her climb to the top of the triathlon world.

A very promising start to the season, congrats Julie!

Julie Derron Brett Sutton trisutto triathlon French Grand Prix
Podium to start the year, well done Julie

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