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Max is back!

trisutto triathlon Max Studer Brett Sutton European Cup World Triathlon

As the European racing season gets under way Max Studer competed in his first triathlon since the Tokyo Olympics. This result was meritorious due to his journey since the Games.

Max had a well deserved rest after the Olympics, then went on a safari to Kenya. Not to read about the great running history, but to experience it in person.

What was a great experience turned a little negative by picking up a virus that upon returning home turned into a health nightmare. So severe it had Max thinking about his future in top level sport. The frustration of being very fit, then confined to bed for weeks is something all could learn from in dealing with adversity. The journey back to health was 4 months of monitoring every day, step by step.

His win at the European Cup Caorle this weekend and the race intricacies mask the real message here; that patience and our 'Hurry Slowly' slogan can help all that have been effected over the last two years.

Great job Max, we are all very proud of you!

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