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Xterra Greece was no fluke

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Max Studer Panagiotis Bitados Brett Sutton trisutto triathlon Xterra greece
Hill reps for Double G with mentor Max Studer

Viking foundation athlete Panagiotis Bitados stormed to his second consecutive victory in his homeland Xterra race. Panagiotis who is nicknamed Double G, last week beat a strong field to fly his country's flag.

Being a founding athlete member of The Viking Foundation we are very proud that at only 17 years of age Double G is a name to write down. His story to this point is the stuff legends are made of. Leading into this race his swim training was done on a swim bench as on his home island they do not have a swim pool. Not just no heated pool, but no pool at all! In the summer he has swum for the last 4 years in the Mediterranean sea.

His dedication to self discipline with virtually no facilities is a testament to why we should write his name down for the future. What he does have however is a great coaching team that knows what it takes. Coach Vassilis Krommidas is a two time Olympic Games athlete (2000, 2004). His partner in life and triathlon coaching is Zarina Kopina has represented 3 nations in sports at the highest level. Vassilis and Zarina have developed this lad from a 12 year old with a dream, to a young man who is turning that dream into a reality. Watching him train at Viking Camp is a joy to watch.

Each day working with Max Studer of Switzerland, he could not have a better guide in both triathlon and life. As we move forward he lays to rest 'nice guys finish last'. Double G is a young man who is developing fast. Greece has a new talent who wants to emulate what his coach achieved.

Congratulations from all your teammates for a great start to your pro career.

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