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Run Improvement: Practical treadmill truths

Updated: Mar 13

Over the last week we’ve had a couple of people reach out after reading an article outlining the bio-mechanical negatives of running on treadmills:

The Truth About Treadmills - Triathlete Magazine

The Truth About Treadmills – Triathlete
Download PDF • 1.24MB

My first response, of course, is that it’s highly unwise to base your training off triathlon magazine articles. It’s their job to produce new and interesting content, not consistent training advice.

But to address the article specifically: It is theoretical truth... And practical bullshit.

If you are a challenged runner treadmill training – without changing floor angle – will improve your running out of sight. The positives by far outweigh the negatives.

Take heart that many of the greatest athletes now and in triathlon history have used treadmills as a regular part of their training. As often as four times a week.

Our thoughts on the best use of the treadmill can be found here:

Be reassured that the treadmill can be your best tool to improve your run split. Several of our main squad members will be on it this afternoon!

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