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Strong weekend of racing for Viking Foundation athletes

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

trisutto triathlon training camp Brett Sutton  Barbara Riveros Panagiotis Bitados Panagiotis Bitados Alanis Siffert
Gran Canaria Training Camp - Ducky, Double G and Pepper

Barbara Riveros bounced back to form after recovering from injury to take first place at 70.3 Pays d'Aix-en-Provence. Pepper is coming off a Viking training camp in Gran Canaria where she did a great job of keeping her fitness, with excellent swim-bike training. Well done to Barbara.

Also at training camp was Panagiotis Bitados who bounced to a new level. He showed great form to take second place in Xterra Portugal. It was another step forward for our young viking. Double G is only 17 and is mixing it with the pros. Well done from all us.

Back in Switzerland Alanis Siffert competed in a 7.5 km run race close to home, ‘Course des grands pieds’ and finished with a huge personal best as Ducky continues to improve her run leg. The race was a lead in to Alanis’ first pro race as she tackles a race coach Sutto took the great Hamish Carter to way back in 1993. It’s no ordinary race but a testing half distance triathlon in Belfort France. We all wish Alanis the best mechanical luck on the start of her triathlon journey.

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