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Svenja descends to victory

Svenja Thoes Brett Sutton trisutto Ironman France triathlon
Congratulations Svenja, 2022 Ironman France Nice Champion

After a terrific start to Luxembourg 70.3 two weekends ago, an unfortunate broken chain during the bike leg brought Svenja Thoes' race to an untimely end. This got me thinking about Ironman France just seven days later, and whether to send Svenja to race.

Our biggest concern was if Svenja could handle the steep dangerous descents of the Nice course. We spent the first part of the week attempting to ask Svenja in her second language if she was a good descender, and then determining what descending actually was! Once we got the note, 'I go down hill okay, not scared at all', it was Nice here we come, and was that the truth!

Svenja using her weight, or lack of it, on the climbs to full advantage. Then descending like a tour de France pro rider, she put the race out of reach of her competitors. Off the bike she then ran an excellent marathon.

Our squad has witnessed how hard Svenja has worked to turn her career around, so on pool deck today all celebrated her victory. Well done for racing in true Trisutto athlete style. We look forward to seeing you back in camp soon.

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Nasra Alsharji
Nasra Alsharji
Sep 20, 2023

This article highlights Svenja Thoes' impressive comeback at Ironman France, following a bike leg mishap at Luxembourg 70.3. The team initially had concerns about her ability to handle the challenging descents on the Nice course. However, Svenja's confident response and her remarkable descending skills proved her capability. She used her weight advantage on climbs and descended like a pro, securing an insurmountable lead over her competitors. Her excellent marathon performance further solidified her victory. Svenja's hard work and dedication to her career transformation were celebrated by her squad, and she raced in true Trisutto athlete style. We can't wait to see her back in camp soon. Well done, Svenja! 🏊🚴🏃💪🥇

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ben shaw
Sep 05, 2022

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