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The Angry Bird is back!

Trisutto Brett Brett Sutton Michael Harvey Daniela Ryf triathlon coaching

Daniela Ryf stormed back to the top of the triathlon world with a great performance in the Ironman World Championships in St George, Utah. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than to congratulate her on winning her 10th World Championship Title.

Danni has fought her way back from the lowest of lows, caused mainly in part by the years of Covid. When she looks back on this win, and her personal battle to obtain it, I believe she will find it the most satisfying of her career.

Well done from all of us at Trisutto.

It would be remiss of me not to give a shout out to the Angry Bird's coach.

Michael Harvey had one of the most difficult jobs in sport and has done a fantastic job to get Danni flying high once again.

Best wishes for the future to both of you.

A job well done!

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