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The Brazilians samba in Chile

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Trisutto triathlon training coaching athletes results Brazil

What a way to end our inaugural Viking Foundation camp in Gran Canaria. Heading straight from camp to Chile and racing over the sprint distance in an Americas Triathlon Cup, both Luisa and Manoel showed our young recruits how it's done when the pressure is on; and boy it was on.

After a good swim Manoel had a wetsuit malfunction which saw him watching the main pack ride away. However with an improving bike he chased them down, before putting them to the sword in the run.

Luisa was also cool and calm under pressure with her own war in the race to win with a sprint finish.

Both athletes are products of social programs similar to the Viking Foundation, and thus the lesson to all the Viking juniors - be patient and learn to hurry slowly.

One day you too can win big races.

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