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The road to Sub 8

trisutto Nicola Spirig Brett Sutton sub 8 triathlon Olympic Champion

While most of the tri world's attention was focused on St. George last weekend, an equally important individual moment was taking place in Europe at 70.3 Mallorca. The great Nicola Spirig was undergoing her first competitive race and fitness test for the Sub 8 to be held on the 5th/6th of June.

Nicola participated 2 weeks earlier in Challenge Gran Canaria to see how her injuries from her horrific bike crash that all, including me, thought was going to be the end of her career. However she got through it with minimal pain and so we decided that the next step would be to test out her injuries at full pace, to see if they could cope with a full speed examination.

We are happy to report that she was back dominating on the bike to take a confidence boosting 2nd place in the event.

While her swim was down it was expected, as she has only completed two weeks of full freestyle training in the pool. However she was able to run the half marathon in under the pace she will require for the Sub 8.

For us mere mortals it was an astonishing effort. To all her fans we can say not only will she compete at the Sub 8, but will go into the event to give her best effort to hold the pace that will be needed to attempt the sub 8 hour time.

While her preparation has been far from what is ideal for such a difficult event, her fans will know she will be giving it everything as she doesn't know any other way.

Well done Nicola.

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