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Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Trisutto triathlon training coaching athletes focus

I'm going to treat my usual readers and those that casually float in and out, as I do when my squad annoys me. A bit of brutal honesty is never far away on the Trisutto deck, so why not in the blog. Here goes: I receive so many notes from athletes asking why they are not improving in a single discipline or indeed their triathlon. Followed up with 'I'm training hard, I always give 100% and I'm totally focused'. So I thought I'd wait till Christmas and address the focus dilemma as a little Christmas gift for those that are deluding themselves. Sure enough, I published a blog the day before Christmas containing the answers. Not only did hardly anyone read it, but half my squad didn't bother either. So they received another Christmas message that I will share here - 'Looking at my current squad, I can say no one in it has an equal focus of any of my past champions, no one!' So I'm going to do for you as I did for them. I'm going to reprint the blog and say, instead of wanting to buy some gimmick to try and make you faster, read this. If you have read it, read it again and then again, because this is the biggest reason why people's improvements stall.

They don't understand what real focus is. Christmas is over. The new year celebration is over.

'Get your arse into gear and stop kidding yourself' Just the way I see it.

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